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Tamil Language Festival 2022

Welcome to our flagship festival of the year now four years running… the Nool Monsters’ Tamil Language Festival 2022! We have 30 days of Tamil fun for little ones AND their loved ones as we celebrate language, laughter…and love!


Our theme this year is called Aasai, Dosai, Appalam, Vadai! As you might have guessed from our  festival visual, we’re making it full of mischief and fun with a huge dose of love! We’re also celebrating ALL kutties for all the different ways that make them beautiful and unique. Join in this free literary festival as we take little steps together to celebrate and strengthen our bonds as a family through Tamil.


How, you ask?


Every day we’ll be doing three things with our kutties in under 5 minutes: share a love note, learn a phrase and read a story. Download and print our simple love notes then share them with your little ones. Practice one little sentence or phrase in Tamil. And read a PDF story together using transliteration or listen to it as an audio book.


In these few minutes a day, you’ll be able to cuddle and share time together with your little ones while being immersed in some playful Tamil. We’re sure your kids will come to love these magical moments and look towards Tamil with earnest – cause any time they get with you will certainly be extra special!


So come have some family fun with the Nool Monsters as we take you on a fun-filled, magical journey making Tamil an easy-peasy, everyday part of our lives. Say it with us… Aasai dosai appalam vadai!


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