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the nool monsters

Pssst… Do you know a little person with an out of this world imagination? You DO? Do they have what it takes to be a guardian of stories? A protector of books? Yes? Do you want to plant in them a love for reading and fearlessness for language? Of course?

HURRAY! Our search is finally over! Sound the drums, gather all the monsters. Your child is THE ONE we’ve been looking for. Our new leader – a mighty, powerful, magical Nool Monster!

YAYYY! But… Wait. What’s a Nool Monster?

Well, Nool Monsters are sweet-natured, quirky creatures boiling over with curiosity. Fueled by the power of imagination, with equal parts mischief and ingenuity, they fearlessly unlock doors to new adventures. If you want to know more about the legend of the Nool Monsters, click here. Nool Monsters choose to understand the world around them with empathy and kindness. They are unafraid to ask questions and tackle life’s problems with a good wad of humour (and silliness). They come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Kattiboos are our littlest monsters. They are still learning their words but can harness the power of a story just from the pictures on a page. Solliboos are emergent readers. Words are their superpowers. The more they read, the more words they collect, the mightier they become. And Jeeboos are the most versatile of the Nool Monsters. With a simple touch, they can absorb all the words in any book and magically put them together to create new stories of their own. Together, they are guardians, loving protectors of books. But who are they protecting books from, you ask?

The evil snackshasha boodhams, of course! Snackshashas are ever-hungry monsters who crave nothing more than a good tasty book! The sound of crinkly pages reminds them of salty chips and off they go munching away page after page, not leaving behind even a memory of the story. What would happen to the world if there were no more books or stories to share? Can you even imagine?

Not to worry though. As long as we have Nool Monsters, we are safe. Stories are safe. And the magical world of imagination will be safe, too. Say the magic words – Jee Nool Baa!