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legend of the nool monsters

Once upon a time, there was a child who yearned to sink deeper, and deeper, into the stories she read. Where words escaped her, pictures brought time to a halt. Books were magical, they were endless. They were her doorway to another dimension.


One night, the child was awoken by a mysterious sound. Shadows were growing on her walls. She had been warned of vicious book-eating bhoodhams, lurking in the darkness, mercilessly tearing away pages a time. Could it be them? “Please! Don’t hurt my books!” she begged.


The shadows froze.


The moon, now curious, spun across the sky to peer through the window. There, bathed in its light, stood colorful, furry creatures with large, twinkling eyes. “We would never harm your books. We only want to hug them,” they whispered.


“Who are you?” the child asked with hesitation.


“We are kattiboos, descendents of the Nool Monsters. We hug books to absorb the stories within them. They are our source of power.”


The child yearned to know more. What were Nool Monsters? What could their powers do?

A kattiboo gently picked up a book. “Nool means book, little one. Nool Monsters are guardians of stories. We protect them from the wrath of the book-destroying snackshasas.”


The creature perched itself onto the child’s lap and closed its eyes, giving the book a warm hug. Little by little, the kattiboo started to glow. The pages of the book roared open, beams of light shone through and all at once, it engulfed them. When the child opened her eyes, she was inside her book, in the world of the story.


She wished the magic would never end.


As the colours of the sky began to change, the time had come for the kattiboos to leave. They asked the child for a promise – that she would never tell anyone of their existence. But the child put forth a condition, “Only if you visit me every night.” The kattiboos started to glow again, discovering that friendship was also a mighty source of power.


From that day forward, the Nool Monsters yearned to welcome more children into their world, to experience the wondrous magic of stories, and help them keep books safe from harm.


Can you keep a secret?