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pankajam's secret

-பங்கஜத்தின் ரகசியம்-

பங்கஜத்தை ஒரு பெரிய ரகசியம் முட்டி மோதுகிறது. அதை இறுதிவரை கட்டிக் காப்பாளா?
Pankajam is privy to a huge secret and it is begging to be set free. Will she safeguard it till the very end?

Pankajam’s Secret is a multi-modal Tamil children’s fiction project presenting the story as an animated feature, e-book and audio book. We hope this increases accessibility   to Tamil children’s content in a way that is useful to each family’s learning needs. We are also humbled to present a companion magazine for parents. This booklet features interviews with 6 Tamil mothers from diverse streams of work yet who share similar beliefs when it comes to parenting and its challenges. Their honest experiences will help you explore  a range of topics, everything from emotional health, inclusivity, potty training, respectful parenting, secrets and trust and so much more! They have each also included an activity you can try at home to strengthen your bond with your children.

Presented by Creative Hands and Nool Monsters, பங்கஜத்தின் ரகசியம் is authored by Abhi Krish with art and animation by Jegannath Ramanujam. 
Click below to download the e-book, magazine and audio book.

This project is supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore’s Digital Presentation Grant