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Nool Monsters is many things. 


For children, it is a magical online world. A world filled with fun, zany characters waiting to take them on playful, musical adventures in Tamil. One day, I hope to see it grow in the physical world too, as a playhouse, book club, children’s literary library and a musical den.


Nool Monsters is also a bilingual language laboratory – I’m constantly experimenting and creating new content! I write lots of songs and stories, conduct storytelling, do puppetry, and even come up with my own music and games. I believe literacy is best achieved through literature. My goal from the beginning has been to have fun with language and make children fall in love with fiction without them even realising it! I’m working to raise a generation of brave, confident readers who will usher Tamil into the next era. 


So I guess you could say Nool Monsters is a (super-fun) primer to traditional learning!


My journey started very much like other creators in this space – trying to fill a need for my own children when I couldn’t find the solutions I wanted. What began as simple sharing through my original mom blog, EliPuli, slowly grew to become the Nool Monsters you see today. And it’s still in infancy. Gosh, I have so much I want to do and explore in the children’s Tamil literary space. 


I hope you’ll be a part of this ride with me. Ready to become a Nool Monster? All you have to say are these magic words… Jee Nool Baa!


Psst… Nool means book!



Lots of love, Abhi