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Through the support of the Singapore National Arts Council’s Capability Development Grant, I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by some of the most inspiring minds in children’s literature and storytelling. The time I spent in their company is priceless and has helped set my foundation as an author, performing artist, and publisher. I thank each of them for playing a fundamental role in my journey. – Abhi

jeevah raghunath

Mentorship in Tamil Picture Book Writing

2019 NAC CD Grant

Jeeva Raghunath is a professional storyteller. She is also an author, translator, educator, and consultant. Her stories and methodologies never fail to touch hearts and minds across the world. In particular, Jeeva’s stories and storytelling in Tamil are an immense service in presenting the language in a loveable, contemporary fashion, helping it to stay relevant beyond age and time. To learn more about Jeeva’s work, please visit

janaki sabesh

Mentorship in Song-writing for Children in Tamil

2020 NAC CDSA Grant

A multifaceted professional, Janaki Sabesh seamlessly navigates her many hats as a spellbinding storyteller, actor, trainer, author, theatre artist, voice artist and marketer. Her multi-lingual stories never fail to weave in the magic of music. Janaki’s unshakable earworms kindle a child-like excitement for everyone in the audience. To learn more about Janaki’s work, please visit

vidya mani

Mentorship in Editing & Publishing Children’s Books

2020 NAC CDSA Grant 

Vidya Mani is a children’s writer, editor, and a walking repository of Indian children’s books. Her love for kidlit runs deep and wide. Vidya runs the content and design studio, Melting Pot, is one of the founder-members of the traveling bookshop and book consultancy, Funky Rainbow, and is also the managing editor of the children’s book review site, To learn more about Vidya’s work, please visit