The Logo

The Nool Monsters logo was designed in collaboration with artist cum animator Vasudevan Ananthakrishnan of Artagasm. I wanted the logo to represent the monsters’ love for books. Vasu sketched various monsters but this blue furball in the middle was what caught my eye and felt just right.

Once the monster was selected, we brought in the book and played around with layout. I thought about the future of Nool Monsters and how I wanted the creative freedom for multiple artists to be able to interpret the monster in their own unique styles. And this led to the idea of a peek-a-boo monster. As we moved things around some more, my own little one weighed in on how he thought it would be silly yet fun if the monster peeked at him from upside down. And that made us decide that upside down was exactly the way the monster should be in the logo, too!


But something was still missing. A monster, a book… It needed something more to tell the Nool Monsters story and that was… Magic! Nool Monsters have the power to draw out the magic from any story, and that’s where the little stars came in to complete the visual. The entire process was highly iterative and I’m very thankful to Vasu for seeing through each step of the way with patience and enthusiasm – values that are iconic of his working style. Up until this point, the logo’s colors were eggplant and teal. Then…

Artist Parvati Pillai came on board to design the visuals for the festival. Her wonderfully colorful and quirky interpretations of Vasu’s monster are what you see on the homepage today. As we saw her drawings come to life, we found far more meaningful inspiration for the logo’s colors and decided to make it navy blue and mustard. Parvati also suggested for us to keep the text and visual logos separate and that led to a new experiment with encapsulating the brand name in a textual form yet allowing for the two to coexist together.


The mustard lines represent the brand’s 5 main values. Inclusivity and diversity form the outermost pillars, while authenticity, quality, and morphology form the inner pillars. The inner pillars curve in order to form the abbreviation NM for Nool Monsters; they also represent the brand’s commitment towards advocating for unity, community, and a stronger representation of Tamil voices and characters in children’s literature.

The brand colors are mustard and navy blue. Navy blue symbolizes integrity of thought and the power to do better for this world through my stories. While mustard represents optimism and joyful energy – what I hope readers will absorb and share through my work.


So the next time you see the Nool Monsters logo, I hope it brings a smile to your face. Its creation was an absolute labor of love – especially for you!